Nick Riebeek
Software Developer in Toronto, Canada

About Me

I have 15+ years of experience as a software developer, and have worked at both small startups and large organizations. I am an experienced full stack software developer specializing in the design of elegant and simple solutions with a focus on maintainability.

I have a passion for new technology and languages. Continuous learning and personal development are part and parcel of the software industry and something that I embrace. I'm looking for a challenging and rewarding position with a progressive, dynamic organization, where product excellence is a focus.


  • While working on contract with Uptrend Technology, integrated a 3rd-party scheduling application into a client's Elixir back-end system. This replaced a manual process, resulting in significant time and cost savings for the client.
  • While working on Questionmark's analytics and reporting solution significantly improved release times, manual testing time and escaped defects by the creation of an integration testing framework extending the functionality of WatIn.
  • Performed a significant refactor of Questionmark's question editors via the use of JavaScript prototypes and inheritance. This resulted in a significantly smaller, cleaner code base with shared functionality resulting in greater maintainability and reliability.
  • Lead developer for "Integrity" an innovative software as a service application that statistically detects cheating on tests.


My personal interests include:

  • Functional programming. Functional programming is becoming more mainstream, with the growing popularity of Elixir and the Phoenix Framework. It's a bit of a context switch, but the elegance of functions working against immutable data is quite appealing. I've read a number of books on Elixir and find the subject fascinating.
  • Music. I've been a lifelong music fan and enjoy checking out new albums, going to shows, and occasionally building out a custom bass guitar kit.
  • Pullups. What with my two left feet, I've never been particularily athletic. I have discovered a fondness for bodyweight exercises and calisthenics however, someday I'll conquer a muscle up... maybe!


  • is my blog which covers my ongoing interest in various programming topics.
  • is a simple budget application I created a few years ago in order to learn Rails. It's become a core part of my financial planning regiment but the code hasn't seen a lot of love over the years. I've been looking to remedy that as of late.